Christian artist Mike Petty came to me and said: “Christian, I have this crazy idea for a music video.” He started telling me about his song, As I Am, and the meaning behind it. We both immediately shared the vision of how to make a powerful and driving video to help deliver the message of the song. Mike thought big – bigger than I could handle with my gear and skillset, so I invited cinematographer Karl Sutton to join the team.

Shortly after, we had a meeting and made our shot and location list. Mike knew the perfect actor for the job to play the part. After this, we continued to make sure we were organized for the multi-day shoot.

Day 1

We filmed the big band shots at Generation Changers church in Lebanon. After that, we went down to a local police station for our actor to be arrested.. intentionally. That was pretty hilarious. After the actor got arrested, we found some industrial spots around town for him to ragequit life. In all seriousness, we got some quality shots. We finished out the day at Mike’s house with the scene of the couple fighting in his kitchen.

Day 2

This day was the most challenging. We got the keyboard shots of Mike playing, then we had a decent crowd of volunteers to fill the seats. Working with volunteers isn’t the easiest task, but Karl Sutton did an amazing job at managing the crowd and getting the shots we were looking for. After several takes of each shot, we wrapped things up.


This was my main role. I did all of the editing and most of the color grading. I spent quite some time syncing up the multi-cam clips of the big band scene – I had a total of 16 tracks! After that, Mike and I revised the video until it was to his liking.

The Release

Mike and I are looking forward to the video release on 1/26/18. I can’t wait to see how this video change lives, and I am thankful for the opportunity I had to be a part of it!

You can watch the behind the scenes story here:

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