How video production works.

The Process.

Creating a video is a process. Whether it’s a promotional video, a music video, or a YouTube video, there are multiple steps.

The Plan.

We will work together to make a game plan for executing the vision for your video. We will assemble the necessary team of people to make your vision a reality while sticking to your desired budget. We will plan a shot list and location list and make sure we understand the time commitment and what is needed for the shooting day.

The Shoot.

The shooting day is the most exciting day. This is when you watch your vision come to life. You will be involved with as much or as little of the process as you would like. Whether you want to stand and observe, be in the video, or be a director, we will make sure you get in on the action.

The Edit.

This is the part where you wait. I will edit the video and do the necessary color correction and color grading to get the shots looking exactly how you want. We will agree to a timeline during the planning phase, so while you will have to wait, you will know exactly when to expect the finished product.

The Revision.

After I edit the video, you will most likely have some changes in mind to make it perfect. We will work together to revise the video to your liking and make sure it’s exactly how you anticipated.

The Reveal.

It’s the exciting day! You get to blast your video off to the world for everyone to see.

My Portfolio.

Role: Project Manager, Director, Editor

Role: Project Manager, Cinematographer, Editor

Christian not only does a fantastic job with his services, but he also is willing to go above and beyond the call to duty. He cares highly about you and his craft. Christian puts his all into what he does so well. Furthermore, he is extremely particular about getting the correct shots/angles and making sure that his customers are fully satisfied before concluding business with them. Finally, he knows how to get the right people for the job alongside him. He is bright, quick to respond to you, and simple to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone. – Mike Petty

The Details.


To get the cost of a full video or video editing, you will need to request a quote. The cost will vary based on your needs. The number of people involved in the project, quality of gear, and length of video will all play a role in the cost.


Are you a "one man" show?

I can produce videos on my own, but for higher production quality we will need to bring others on the team. I produced the “Shake The Walls” video as a one-man gig. For the “As I Am” video, we had a cinematographer with higher quality gear than I have available. I did the editing and directing for As I Am. If we determine that bringing other people onto the team is necessary, I will recommend people for the job.

Are you available for just video editing?

Yes! If all you are looking for is an editor, contact me. I edit on Final Cut Pro X and am available for freelance editing work. I can edit in any resolution, including 4K.

Where are you located?

I am in the Nashville area. For video production gigs, they must be within 30 miles of my exact location. If you have concerns about where you are located, please contact me with an address and I will let you know if that is within my range.

When do I pay you?

You must pay 50% of the quote up front for me to start work. At the end of the job, you will pay the remaining 50%. Please see the Payment Terms of Service for more details.

Ready to hit record?

It would be an honor to work with you and turn your vision into a reality.