How to get a website.

The Process.

Building a website is a process. I don’t just work for you, I work with you. This ensures that you will have a role in making sure your website looks exactly the way you want. Review the steps below and learn how the process works.

The Plan.

We will work together to form a personalized plan for your website. We will discuss features and UI influences to make sure you are kept in the loop on what to expect.

The Dirty Work.

I’ll get to work. This is the part where you wait patiently. But not too much – we will agree to a timeline that I will stick to prior to the project beginning.

The Reveal.

I will show the website to you. You’ll have a chance to review it in depth and we will revise it to your liking.

The Training.

Once you dig your website, we will have a training session that will teach you how you can modify your website on your own.

The Launch.

We’ve come to the moment of truth. We’ll push the button and launch your site to the world. This is the best part!

The Details.


To get the cost of a website, you will need to request a quote. The cost will vary based on your needs. After your site is setup and you have paid the initial fee, I offer a subscription service for maintenance and discounted support for making modifications.


Do I need the subscription service?

Absolutely not. Changes can be made on demand for my hourly rate if you do not have the subscription service. For more info, please contact me.

Can I cancel the subscription at any time?

Yep. I get it, when you’re done, you’re done. I don’t like contracts and I’m sure you don’t either. When you cancel a plan, you will not be billed on the renewal date. Please note that refunds are not offered on subscription plans.

Do I have to pay annually for the subscription?

While the annual option is the most economic at $228 per year ($19 per month), there are other options available:

  • Biannually – $144 ($24 per month)
  • Monthly – $29 per month

What platform do you use?

I make websites using, a free and open source platform.

Will my site be easy to edit?

Absolutely! You will receive a free training session on how to modify your site. Additionally, you may purchase a support plan or pay-as-you-go for modifications.

When do I pay you the setup fee?

You must pay 50% of the quote up front for me to start work. At the end of the job, you will pay the remaining 50%. Please see the Payment Terms of Service for more details.


  • Free monthly WordPress and plugin updates
  • Alerts on any security or reliability issues with your site**
  • 30 minutes of support per month***
  • 20% off hourly rate on additional support/modifications
  • Setup fee applies

Ready to get started?

Let’s work together. I would be thrilled to transform your website dreams into a reality.

*Billed annually.
**This is a courtesy service and Christian Taylor will assume no liability for any damages caused by security or reliability issues.
***Updates to WordPress and plugins are deducted from the included support. These will take approximately 15 minutes per month.